Life as Animator Joe

I am not just a developer but also an animator. I make stop motion animations with legos and post them under my YouTube channel Animator Joe. Be warn, the channel is NSFW.

The channel started when I was in middle school and grew significantly when I decided to make a lego music video for the song Dumb Ways to Die. The video was a hit! Reaching 100k views in a few months when my channel had only 5 subscribers.

The LEGO Dumb Ways to Die mv, my first major hit.

In 2016, the election season was ramping up, and I decided to pull a “South Park”, where I poked fun at both sides of the political spectrum to expressive the ubiquitous sense of hopelessness millions felt for the future of America.

A classic from my 2016 election series. I would advise you not to look in the comments section. 😖😖😖

During this time, my channel reached ~7k subscribers and ~3 million views as the comments sections of my videos lit up with debates embodying profound political knowledge and Aristotelian depth from the brightest minds of the nation, the 12-year-olds of YouTube.

I haven’t been able to make many videos since 2018, as school work started to pile up. However, if one day I find the time and opportunity to jump back into YouTube again, the Animator Joe channel will rise once more. ;)

Lately, I messed around with Blender and produced some short videos. I do not plan to post them on YouTube, but you can see some of them here.

backflip (this will surely trigger my physics teachers)

stormtrooper gets destroyed

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